The Thistle & The Rose album coverThe Thistle & The Rose

'The three musicians are all outstanding performers.  Justice demonstrates a virtuoso command of the various recorders with a broad range of articulation, creative intonation, cute ornaments , and a playful approach to rhythm and rubato.  Bullock is a truly wonderful viol player who brings Hume and a set of Playford pieces alive as if they were composed yesterday.  But she can let her viol sing with both natural and thoughtful phrasing in "Daphne".  Cunningham demonstrates her abilities with Farnaby's equally demanding and attractive, almost romantic "Daphne".' Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine

'The Thistle & The Rose' is an album of folk inspired baroque music from Scotland and England.  As our most popular concert programme it seemed appropriate to make this our first recording.  Listen to tracks from the album below and buy online from Rose Street Records.

Track listing

  1. James Oswald The Thistle: Pastoralle 1:55
  2. James Oswald The Thistle: Brilliante 1:17
  3. James Oswald The Thistle: Amoroso 2:04
  4. James Oswald The Thistle: Brilliante 0:40
  5. attrib. James Oswald Bess and her Spinning Wheel from Scots Musical Museum 2:30
  6. attrib. Robert Burns arr. Fleuri Mary Queen of Scots Lament from Scots Musical Museum 3:11
  7. Tobias Hume Touch me Lightly 1:55
  8. Tobias Hume Tickle me Quickly 0:58
  9. Ignatius Sancho Air 2:01
  10. Ignatius Sancho Kate of Aberdeen 1:34
  11. Edward Johnson Pavan: Johnstounis delyt from Duncan Burnett's music book 3:38
  12. Anon Galliard from Duncan Burnett's music book 1:39
  13. Anon arr. Fleuri Daphne from John Playford's The English Dancing Master 1:53
  14. Anon arr. Fleuri London's Loyalty & Rose is Red and Rose is White from The English Dancing Master 3:59
  15. Nicola Matteis Ground after the Scotch Humour 1:46
  16. Anon John come kiss me now from the Scots Musical Museum 1:19
  17. John Playford Ayre 1:30
  18. John Playford Saraband 0:30
  19. John Playford New minuet 1:01
  20. John Playford Let Oliver Now be Forgotten 0:56
  21. George Tollet Tollet's Ground from The Division Flute 2:52
  22. Giles Farnaby Daphne from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 5:20
  23. Anon Greensleeves to a Ground from The Division Flute 3:39
  24. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Aria 2:12
  25. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Allegro Andante 1:17
  26. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Tempo di Minueto 1:15
  27. Anon arr. Fleuri 'Twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town & Scotch Cap from The English Dancing Master 5:05

Total play time: 58:47